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      Hello and praises to you for taking that first step in gaining the power back in your life. I imagine you came here because perhaps, at this time, it seem like no matter what you do, life seems to be your enemy. Enemy too strong of a word? How about there is something, maybe you know, maybe you do not; but there is something that is interfering with your peace. 

       When we are not careful, life has a way of making us pay attention. Not to punish us, but to slow us down and care a little bit more about ourselves. We all, at some point in our lives, have felt lost and in search of a path, our way back to what makes us feel whole. Some times, the things that challenge us make us feel defeated, and we can miss that those very challenges is what helped us grow. Grow confidently and infinitely.  

      Rather you are struggling with depression, feeling crippled by your anxiety, experiencing loss or difficult transitions, needing understanding or have just misplaced your equanimity, coming to Serenity's Heart can help you on your journey to get to the life you want to live. It all begins with the courage of having a conversation. A conversation towards getting to a peace of mind. 


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